Tajawal Affiliate Program Live with Affonix.com

Tajawal Affiliate Program Live with Affonix.com



 Payout Type:  CPS,


Payout: “Please login to our platform to check the payout”


Offer Category: Travel.


Campaign Flow:

  1. User clicks on the link and lands on the website.
  2. User completes the transaction and conversion is counted.


About “Tajawal”

Tajawal caters to the diverse needs of travellers from the UAE and beyond. By offering competitively-priced flights on over 450 airlines, more than 1 million hotels all around the world and complete holiday package solutions for top destinations, tajawal boasts travel options for everyone.A part of the Al Tayyar Strategic Online Business Unit, tajawal brings Al Tayyar’s travel expertise to the digital sphere with an intuitive platform and advanced homegrown solutions that have all aspects of your journey covered!

Tajawal will turn every travel plan into reality in a few simple steps, to help you make the most of your trip.



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