“Shopify.com” Affiliate Program Live with Affonix.com (paused)

“Shopify.com” Affiliate Program Live with Affonix.com (paused)



Payout Type:  B2B , CPS  .


Payout: “Please login to our platform to check the payout”


Offer Category: B2B .


Campaign Flow:

  1. User clicks on the link and lands on the website.
  2. User completes the transaction and conversion is counted.


About “Shopify”

We could have listed our products on a number of marketplaces, but we wanted to own our brand and build relationships with our customers, along with selling our goods. Such a tool didn’t exist, so we built it for ourselves. We soon realized a number of other stores were in need of a hassle-free platform to build their retail business, and Shopify was born.

We focus on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. Today, merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go.

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