Launch Affiliate Program


Launch Affiliate Program

Are you planning to Launch Your Affiliate Program? We’ll help you launch and develop your new affiliate program.


Reasons to start with affiliate marketing.


  • New Marketing Channel: We take care of all the aspects of launching your affiliate program from starting till end. So you can stay focused on your core marketing channels while we build the new marketing channel for you to add values to your current business.
  • Cost Cutting: Affiliate marketing is a proven method to cut down on your customer acquisition cost. Affiliate marketing channel can add up to 20% revenue to your business.
  • Eliminate Guess Work: With our expertise, we will help you cut down on cost of trying out with affiliate networks who don’t deliver. We take the guess work out of choosing the best network and affiliates for your business.


Why launch your affiliate program with Affonix?

Affonix helps advertisers to make the most out of the affiliate program as we know our job as what needs to be done to make that a success. We will save you money as you wont have to research about getting it started and who to get it started with. So we take all that burden from you so you only focus on your main marketing channels.


  • If you are present out of India, then you will save on paying less for the same work.
  • It will cut down on tour cost of resources as well as management as we take that burden away from you.
  • Dedicated resources
  • Fully managed affiliate program from starting till end

Get in touch with us and lets do some business!